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3 Important Steps to Ensuring a Successful Whole Home Generator Installation


Poor initial installation can be a foundational problem for many home systems, including your whole home back-up generator. The electrical experts at Design Air, Inc., have many years of experience with the installation and service of whole house generators and have put together a list of five steps of which to be aware as you start in the installation process of your new backup generator:

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Make sure your generator is correctly sized.

One of the biggest problems homeowners find with whole home generators is that their generator is too small or big. The way to ensure you have a generator that fits your home’s needs during a power outage is to work with an expert and determine the electrical load you need to satisfy with your home generator. Factors to consider will be which electrically-based system and appliances do you want to keep running during and outage, and how much power each needs to do so. This will include electrical outlets in your home as well.

Choosing a portable generator over a backup generator.

Many homeowners erroneously believe that a portable generator can get them through a power outage; unfortunately, this is not necessarily the case. A portable generator is good for keeping a single appliance like a refrigerator powered, or a microwave and a few lamps on, but that’s about it. If you want to have critical power for your heating system, necessary medical equipment or electrical system, a whole house generator is your best option.

Not hiring a reliable company for installation and service.

Your backup generator is a necessary item to keep your home safe and secure during a power outage, no matter how long the outage may last. Whole home generators connect directly to your home’s electrical panel so that you get the power you need. Trusting a company that doesn’t specialize in comprehensive generator services can put you in a risky situation.

If you are looking to install a backup home generator, or need an existing one serviced properly in New City, NY, call the people you can trust: Design Air, Inc.