3 IAQ Products to Help Your Heater

3 IAQ Products to Help Your Heater

IAQ stands for “indoor air quality,” and frankly speaking it comes second only to heating here in New City, NY. That’s not surprising given how cold our winters are. While heating should come first, you shouldn’t ignore the benefits that IAQ products can provide: keeping your air clean and healthy no matter what the conditions are outside. Even more, IAQ products can help ease the strain on your heating system this winter: lowering your monthly bills and reducing the risks of a breakdown. Now is the time to install them, before the snow starts to fall. Here are 3 specific products you should consider if you’d like to give your furnace or boiler a boost this winter.

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  1. Humidifier. As the air cools, the ambient moisture in it solidifies into droplets. That means that winter air is dry air, and in addition to causing dry skin and static electricity, it tends to feel colder than it actually is. A humidifier can restore moisture to the air, helping it feel warmer and lowering the strain on your system.
  2. Air Cleaner. Dust and dirt can create problems in your home, and when they coat the interior components of your heater, they can be just as bad. Clogged burners reduced efficiency and moving parts suffer under greater friction than they would if they weren’t dirty. An electronic air cleaner can remove dirt more thoroughly than a filter, preventing the dust from dragging down your heater’s efficiency.
  3. CO Detector. A CO detector serves more as a safety measure than an improvement device, but since carbon monoxide leaks are a danger if your heater malfunctions, it makes an excellent means of warning you of the threat.

If any of these products sound right for your home, give the professionals at Design Air Inc. a call to discuss your options!