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3 Factors to Consider with a New Generator


Families are increasingly concerned about the dangers of long-term power outages that may occur due to extreme weather conditions. An extended power loss, where the electricity fails for a period of days, is not only uncomfortable and inconvenient, it can pose dangers during cold weather and may even be life-threatening if people in a home depend on powered medical equipment.

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A whole-house generator in Spring Valley, NY offers your family protection and peace of mind. The whole-house generator experts at Design Air Inc can assist you with finding the ideal backup power system to carry you through a long power outage. Start preparing for harsh weather conditions today with a call to our electrical team.

Here Are 3 Factors to Consider for New Generator Installation

  1. Manual vs. automatic switch model: Whole-house generators come in either manual switch or automatic switch models. With a manual model, you have to go outside to the generator to activate it should the power go out. An automatic switch generator will detect when there is an outage and turn on without an interruption in power. Although the automatic generator is more convenient (you don’t have to go outside in the cold; the system will come on even if you aren’t home) they are also more expensive and not necessarily the best choice for every home.
  2. Number of appliances to power:Generators come in a variety of sizes, but determining how powerful a model you should get isn’t as simple as calculating how much power your house requires. You need to choose which appliances you have to run during an outage. Do you only wish to power the most essential systems, such as a few lights, any vital medical equipment, and the heater? Or do you want to have other items working, such as the refrigerator and the television? Work with your installer to come up with the power load you need during a blackout and match it with the right generator.
  3. Fuel source: Generators can use different fuel sources to run: natural gas (hooked to the municipal system), propane, oil, gasoline, diesel. The fuel you use for your generator will affect price, performance, and convenience, and you must make certain the model you have installed matches your needs. Availability and local fuel pricing will be major factors in deciding what type of generator installation will work best.

Choosing a new generator in Spring Valley isn’t something you can do in a hurry on your own: you don’t want to have the power go out and then discover that your whole-house generator is inadequate to the task! Call the electrical experts at Design Air Inc, and let us handle the tough decisions when it comes to find and installing the right whole-house generator to shield your family from extended power losses.