3 Electrical Problems You Shouldn’t Tolerate

3 Electrical Problems You Shouldn’t Tolerate


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It’s easy to take our home’s electrical system for granted, but that can be dangerous. Most of our electrical system is hidden behind drywall, leaving the complex parts of the system out of sight and out of mind.

It’s going to take some visible signs of a malfunction to alert you that anything is wrong with your electrical system at all. But even then, it’s easy to ignore these signs entirely! We might not think of flickering lights or a tripping circuit as “normal,” but since it’s not causing any damage, we tend to tolerate it.

The problem is that whatever’s causing these annoyances might pose the risk of electrical fires or electrocution. An expert of electrical repair in Nyack can inspect your home every few years to ensure that the systems are functioning properly, but in between those periods, you can learn which signs indicate the need for repairs.


1. Circuit Breaker Trips Frequently

Most homeowners understand the concept of having to reset the circuit breaker. However, it’s not always understood exactly what it means when you have a circuit breaker that frequently trips.

The job of the circuit breaker is to, well, break the circuit when it detects a dangerously large surge of voltage in the system. This helps prevent the surge from damaging appliances or creating other safety hazards.

If the circuit breaker trips more frequently, it usually means there’s a problem in the system. That can be anything from an overloaded circuit to a malfunctioning circuit breaker. Either way, you shouldn’t get used to resetting the circuit breaker—call in for repairs before it becomes a serious problem!

2. Flickering Lights

You know that one light in your house that always flickers every time you turn it on? Maybe you’ve already started ignoring it and we’ve just reminded you of it.

This can likely be fixed just by replacing the lamp. But, if you find that larger sections of your home are suffering from flickering lights, the root of the problem could be a short circuit in the system.

Aside from being a mild annoyance, flickering lights in and of themselves are not really the danger here. Rather, it’s the fact that a short circuit can create an electrical fire. We recommend calling a professional to inspect the system.

3. Hot Spots

Next time you go to flick on a light switch, pay attention to how it feels. If it feels noticeably warm, it’s likely a result of a “hot spot.”

Hot spots occur when the current in an electrical system flows where it shouldn’t, such as into another wire or into the drywall. The energy manifests as heat.

This is just as dangerous as it sounds. A hot spot that isn’t fixed is at risk of creating a house fire.

Keep in mind that hot spots don’t appear only behind light switches—they can also appear behind any part of the wall where there might be compromised wiring.

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