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3 Common Ductless Cooling Repairs


No one likes having to deal with air conditioning repairs, but no system is impervious to needing repair at some point. If you have a ductless system, you may be wondering what some of the more common repairs are, as the system works differently from traditional split system ACs. The good news is that ductless cooling repairs aren’t any more complicated than traditional ACs, and in some ways, they may be considered easier because it’s much easier to access all the parts of a ductless system. Just remember that no matter the issue with your ductless AC, the experts at Design Air, Inc., are here to help with all of them.

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Common Repairs

Here are some of the common repairs you may see with your ductless cooling system:

  • Problems with the condensate line – each indoor blower has a condensate line that allows excess moisture, in the form of water, to drain away from the blower to the outside. The condensate line is fairly long with a ductless blower is it has to travel from the blower to the outdoors. Sometimes small debris can clog the condensate line, or mold can grow in it, creating a block.
  • Issues with a blower – the indoor blowers of a ductless system contain several key components: the fan, the coils and an air filter. This leaves a fair amount of latitude for a problem to develop, something your trained technician will be able diagnose and repair.
  • Refrigerant leaks – just as a traditional air conditioning system can develop a refrigerant leak, so can a ductless system. It’s important to always hire a trained expert to handle your refrigerant leak, as they can be hard to find and certification is required to handle refrigerant.

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