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3 Advantages of Solar Power


You probably don’t think that solar power matters a whole lot here in New York. We get a lot of cloud cover on the East Coast, and our winters are as cold as they come. Yet advances in solar power mean that you needn’t worry about cloudy days the way you might have. Here in Monsey, solar energy has become an attractive alternative to many homeowners and you might want to consider a solar energy system for your household.  Here are 3 advantages of solar power that could help make the decision easier.

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  • Efficiency. Solar panels use renewable energy, which means that they cost next to nothing to operate. A system in your home can save you a huge amount in monthly energy bills, and it may even earn you money since you can sell electrical energy back to the grid if your system produces more than your household needs.
  • Environmentally friendly. It goes without saying that solar panels make a very green choice for your power needs. They generate no harmful waste and because the sun is an infinitely renewable resource, it doesn’t drain fossil fuels, coal or the like. Increased efficiency has eliminated many of the downsides, making it easier than ever to get the energy you need while still being environmentally friendly.
  • Self-sufficiency. We have our share of power outages in the area, with hurricanes and other disasters growing increasingly common. Solar panels offer a degree of self-sufficiency, allowing you to continue to run vital appliances even when the power grid itself gets knocked out.

The advantages of solar power are self-evident, but even the most efficient system requires a certain up-front investment. And when you make that investment, you want the very best company you can find to perform the installation for you. In Monsey, solar energy systems are the purview of Design Air, Inc. We can inspect your home for the viability of the system (you usually need a clear skyline devoid of trees) and discuss your options with you before proceeding. When the time comes to install the system, we can do so with courtesy and pride. Give us a call today to make an appointment. You’ll be glad you did! And don’t forget to ask about our extensive HVAC services in Monsey when you need professional work done!