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What Are My Options for Improving Air Quality?

Monday, January 21st, 2019

virus-cellsWe have a wide range of indoor air quality products, but just knowing that doesn’t do you too much good. Instead, it makes much more sense to figure out what it is about your indoor air that’s bothering you. Then, after testing your air, we can figure out which products are best for you.

Even if you don’t think your air is bothering you, read over these cases for indoor air quality products anyways. You might realize that your air quality could be better than you initially thought.

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Will A Ductless Heat Pump Hold Up In Winter?

Monday, January 7th, 2019

mitsubishi-heat-pumpFor all the positive talk you hear about heat pumps, there’s always one objection that people have:

Can they really heat your home efficiently in winter?

The simple answer is “yes.” But it’s a very good question. After all, the way a heat pump works is by “recycling” the warmth in the air. If it’s extremely cold outside, how can a heat pump still function? Knowing the answer to this question may determine whether a heat pump system is right for your home. Keep reading and we’ll explain.

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