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3 Alternatives to the Wood Fuel Fireplace

Monday, September 17th, 2018

cat-warming-up-to-fireplaceSure, fireplaces are how people heated their home in the past, but that’s exactly what gives them their charm. For a while, people in the modern age were using fireplaces purely for this aesthetic charm, but when the idea of using fireplaces to conserve energy came around, people found a whole new reason to install them.

As it turns out though, wood fireplaces are old-fashioned; they need real effort to maintain. Luckily, fireplaces now come in other fuel types, each with their own perks and benefits. Fireplace installation in New City, NY is easier than ever before.

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3 Horrible AC Issues Easily Fixed by A New Air Filter

Monday, September 3rd, 2018

man-holding-air-filterIn the world of computer repair, there’s a common expression: “Did you try turning the computer on and off?”

It’s sometimes the most simple solution that solves the most difficult problems. Likewise, the world of HVAC has their own expression: “Did you try changing out the air filter?”

Here are a few examples of terrible AC problems that are actually just air filter issues.

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