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5 Tips for Conserving Electricity at Home

Monday, May 28th, 2018

solar-panel-on-roofNobody wants to just give their money away. All too often, though, that’s exactly what happens with home electricity use. A leaking duct here and a lack of weatherization there, in conjunction with older equipment needing to be replaced, add up to a bigger cost than you might first think. Replacing the air filter on an AC unit on a regular basis is easy for the average homeowner to do. However, there are additional tips for conserving electricity at home which can have an even bigger impact but require professional installation and maintenance.

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Why Routine AC Maintenance Matters

Monday, May 14th, 2018

tech-maintenance-outdoor-unitWhen was the last time that your AC was checked for airflow or refrigerant charge? How often do you have your air filter changed?

Whether your AC is brand new or it’s 10 years old, it needs routine maintenance. It’s just that simple. There are multiple reasons for this, but it’s often easy to overlook when you’ve got a number of other homeowner issues to deal with.

Read on to understand why routine AC maintenance matters so much to your comfort. And take advantage of our VIP maintenance plan.

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