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Common Late Winter Problems with Your Fireplace

Monday, February 29th, 2016

Your fireplace is an easy and inexpensive way to stay warm in the winter months, and here in the Stony Point, NY area, it can be an absolutely invaluable part of your household. But as we enter the last few weeks of winter, you should watch out for damage or other issues with your fireplace. Now is the time to get those issues addressed, before our final spate of cold weather results in a problem that takes a lot more time and money to fix. Here are some common late-winter problems with your fireplace.

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Why Use Modular Rooftop Commercial HVAC Units?

Monday, February 22nd, 2016

Commercial HVAC systems differ in a number of ways from residential units, in part because your business is so dependent on a comfortable environment. Whether you run a retail business with a lot of customers or just an office space where employees need to be comfortable, you need a unit that not only does the job, but does so with the maximum attention to resources and efficiency. That starts with a good company who can not only install a commercial HVAC system, but swiftly repair it whenever it breaks down. Part of that efficiency also means using modular air conditioning and heating units: multiple units of a like size, usually placed on the roof of the building to do their jobs. Why use modular rooftop commercial HVAC units? Here are a few reasons.

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How to Properly Take Advantage of an Efficient Heater

Monday, February 15th, 2016

We’re heading into the back end of winter here in New City,  NY, but we’ve still got a couple of months of cold weather where your heating system will be called upon to keep you warm every night. An efficient heater, one with a high AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) rating, can help you stay warm without breaking the bank. But an efficient heater isn’t automatically a money-saving heater. It simply allows you to save money more easily. That can be a blurry concept sometimes, but with a little insight and judicious practices, you can properly take advantage of an efficient heater to cut your monthly bills down to size. Here’s a few tips on how.

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Reasons Why Your Heater Won’t Turn On

Monday, February 8th, 2016

There are few things more disconcerting on a cold winter’s day in New City, NY, than turning on your heater, only to have nothing happen when you do. A furnace that fails to turn on leaves no doubt as to whether it’s a problem, but the question becomes whether you should fix it yourself or call in a repair service. The problems you can solve yourself only take a few minutes to check. If they don’t work, you’re likely obligated to call in a repair service. Here are a few reasons why:

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Ways to Keep Your Heater Working Properly

Monday, February 1st, 2016

We’re in the throes of winter here in New City, NY, and your heater needs to be up and running more or less all the time. When repairs are needed, they tend to come most unexpectedly and often require a scramble to get properly addressed. Better than a repair session is to prevent a breakdown in the first place, and while no system is 100% foolproof, you can severely reduce the chances of a serious repair if you find ways to keep your heater working properly. Here’s a list of three of them, all of which can be completed quickly and easily.

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