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How Powerful a Generator Should I Get?

Friday, June 27th, 2014

Considering how much our homes depend on electricity today (even gas-powered furnaces require electricity in order to run), losing electrical power for a long stretch is a major inconvenience and can even be dangerous, particularly if you have family members with special needs. To protect your household from extended power outages that can occur because of extreme weather conditions or overextended power grids, installing a whole house generator is one of your best options.

However, you cannot simply look at a selection of whole house generators, point to a model, and hope for the best. Not only does the installation work require electrical specialists, but those same specialists are also necessary to size the system properly to fit your home and the specific needs you have for power. Trust to the work of Design Air Inc when it comes to picking from the available array of whole house generators in Nyack, NY.

Generator Sizing

The power of the generator you install rests on a number of factors. The generator must not be too powerful so that it shorts out your electrical system the moment it comes on—that would defeat the point. Installers will figure the upper limit of a generator that your home can handle.

That’s the easier part of sizing a generator. The tougher part is determining how much electrical power your home needs during an outage. You may wish to run all your electrical systems as normal, but this will require a more expensive unit. In most cases, you will focus on key systems necessary for baseline comfort and safety. For example, you will want power to run any medical equipment that people in your home depend on. Other items that are often essential include sump pumps (especially if you are worried about outages during storms), safety lights (crucial if you have young children or elderly people in your home), and refrigerators/freezers. You can add more systems, which will require a larger generator.

Work with your installer to come up with a generator that will supply the appropriate electrical load in watts that will match your needs and also fit your budget. The installer will know the proper calculations based on the appliances you wish to run to calculate the proper sizes generator.

When you call Design Air Inc, you make an investment in quality for your standby generator—and that’s an investment in your family’s safety and well-being and your peace of mind. Trust us when it comes to sizing and installing whole house generators in Nyack, NY. Contact us today to set up an appointment with us.

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Tips for Running Your Air Conditioning in Spring Valley

Friday, June 20th, 2014

Air conditioning service in Spring Valley is an absolute necessity this summer, as temperatures climb and the heat index goes through the roof. Your system will likely see a lot of use, and with that comes higher monthly electric bills almost by default. But just because the bills are higher doesn’t mean they need to be as high as you think. By following a few tips for running your air conditioning in Spring Valley, you can cut into those bills quite a bit, putting some of your hard-earned money back in your pocket.

For starters, there’s the common-sense techniques that you likely learned about in grade school, but which hold a lot of wisdom. Wear loose lightweight clothes in the heat of the day, and keep plenty of cool beverages handy. More specifically, keep doors between rooms closed – they will help insulate your home – and set your thermostat a few degrees warmer than you normally would. You’ll be surprised how much of a difference it can make.

If you wish to take further steps, the service of a trained air conditioning technician can help. For starts, schedule a maintenance session for your system. The technician will tighten loose bolts, clean off the dirt, and perform other “tune-up” operations designed to improve the unit’s performance. That means the system will use less energy to do its job and your monthly bills will drop as a result. You might also consider formal upgrades to your system. For example, a smart thermostat lets you turn the air off remotely via an app on your cell phone, while a zone control system lets you run the air conditioner only in parts of the home that you’re using at the time. Both of you can help trim unnecessary use of the system without skimping on the cool air you need to stay comfortable.

For more tips for running your air conditioning or to discuss options for upgrades and improvements, call upon the experts at Design Air Inc. We also offer a variety of other HVAC services in Spring Valley and we have the skills needed to do the job right the first time, every time. We’re dedicated to your complete satisfaction at every stage. Contact us today to make an appointment. You’ll be glad you did!

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How to Determine the Size of Your Solar Energy Array

Friday, June 13th, 2014

Solar energy is the most forward-thinking and effective way to provide your home with energy. Here’s what you should always keep in mind when thinking about the benefits of solar energy: the power from the Sun is free. The mass of hydrogen and helium at the center of our solar system emits a constant heat of 5,778° Kelvin, and if you can harness it on Earth’s surface using a solar energy array, it’s free. The only cost to you is the installation of the photovoltaic cells on the roof (or other outdoor location). The efficiency of the system will soon pay for itself.

How large an array of solar cells do you need to supply your home with power? It’s an important question, and thankfully it isn’t one you need to figure out on your own. Contact our expert solar installers to help you decide how much power you need and the array that can deliver it for you. For solar energy in Nyack, NY, look to the skilled team at Design Air Inc.

Sizing a Solar Energy Array

The first part of sizing an array is to determine how much of your home you intend to convert to solar power. If you are starting small, you may only want to run a water heater (this is a common place to begin with solar conversion). Or perhaps you want to have your whole house run on solar power with a back-up electrical system connected to the grid. Once you’ve made the choice about the extent of solar power you want in your home, the installers will start determining how large an array of PV cells you need.

The calculation of array size starts with determining the kilowatt-hours your home/appliance uses each month (the installers can use your past bills to find this out). Then they factor in the amount of sun that your location receives based on the minimum sun-hours during winter. They then figure out the wattage for the PV panels necessary to convert the solar power available to the kilowatt-hours you use, taking into account efficiency lost in the conversion from solar energy to electricity.

Now that the installers know what sort of photovoltaic panels you need, they can make the calculation of how many individual panels are needed to make up the energy total required to meet your home’s needs. In some cases, this may be a larger array than you have space for, although this is an uncommon occurrence. Installers can make arrangements for solar panels placed on the stands lawn if necessary to help you get the most power possible.

You cannot afford to make mistakes when it comes to picking and installing solar energy system, so only trust Nyack, NY HVAC experts for the job. Call Design Air Inc today to start receiving the free benefits of the Sun’s energy that shines down on you throughout the year.

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Signs You Need Emergency Air Conditioning Repair

Friday, June 6th, 2014

Our team at Design Air Inc offers 24-hour emergency services. We consider this an important part of our job because we know from experience that the worst repair troubles tend to occur during the least convenient times of the day or night. AC malfunctions do not to strike when it best fits your schedule; it’s usually the opposite. We’re ready around the clock to take care of your air conditioning repair in Pomona, NY so you won’t be stuck in the heat for too long.

But not all emergency repairs signal that they are emergencies right away. When an air conditioner breaks down, there’s no question that you have to call for technicians immediately. At other times, the problem may seem mild, but actually isn’t. We’ll look at some of these cases in this post so you’ll know when it’s time to pick up the phone and make that emergency call.

Warning Signs of Impending AC Emergencies

  • Any loud or unusual sound: The best early warning system that air conditioners have is strange noises that disrupt the calm hum and whir of the compressor and the fans. The two noises to pay the most attention to are mechanical grinding sounds and a hissing like escaping gas. The first are warnings of motor problems, and possibly even the compressor burning out, which is the most serious repair work of all and can mean replacing the whole AC if it isn’t fixed in time. The hissing sound may mean you have leaking refrigerant, which will threaten the whole system and cause a drop in cooling power.
  • Ice along the evaporator coil: Any signs of ice along an air conditioner cannot be dismissed; it means that the evaporator coil is losing the ability to absorb sufficient heat. This might be because of grime along the coil, a clogged air filter, or loss of refrigerant. You need repairs for this right away, because the ice will only continue to grow until you lose cooling power entirely and the AC suffers damage.
  • The air conditioner starts to trip circuit breakers: One sign of an emergency in the electrical system is when the air conditioner causes the circuit breakers to trip when the compressor comes on. This could be due to faulty electrical connections or trouble with the compressor. Call for repairs immediately to find out what’s wrong.

Fast and effective repairs are one of the keys to an air conditioning system that has a long service life. Another key is to schedule regular maintenance for the system; once a year, arrange for an HVAC expert to come to your home and give the AC a thorough inspection and tune-up, which will help keep away emergency repair calls in the future.

Even if you have no emergencies for air conditioning service in Pomona, NY, you can always sign up for our Maintenance and Service Agreement and start receiving a 10% or more discount on our normal and overtime repair pricing. Give us a call today to schedule your next service appointment with us.

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