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Watch Out for These Generator Problems!

June 11th, 2018

residential-generatorThere are plenty of good reasons to have a whole-house generator installed on your property. With changing weather patterns, you never know when another winter bomb cyclone will descend upon New York, or when a hurricane will next push inland from the coast.

While short-term power outages are little more than an inconvenience, a lack of power over an extended period can greatly affect your quality of life—or even endanger it.

That’s why you want to watch out for these potential generator problems so you always have power when you need it the most.

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5 Tips for Conserving Electricity at Home

May 28th, 2018

solar-panel-on-roofNobody wants to just give their money away. All too often, though, that’s exactly what happens with home electricity use. A leaking duct here and a lack of weatherization there, in conjunction with older equipment needing to be replaced, add up to a bigger cost than you might first think. Replacing the air filter on an AC unit on a regular basis is easy for the average homeowner to do. However, there are additional tips for conserving electricity at home which can have an even bigger impact but require professional installation and maintenance.

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Why Routine AC Maintenance Matters

May 14th, 2018

tech-maintenance-outdoor-unitWhen was the last time that your AC was checked for airflow or refrigerant charge? How often do you have your air filter changed?

Whether your AC is brand new or it’s 10 years old, it needs routine maintenance. It’s just that simple. There are multiple reasons for this, but it’s often easy to overlook when you’ve got a number of other homeowner issues to deal with.

Read on to understand why routine AC maintenance matters so much to your comfort. And take advantage of our VIP maintenance plan.

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Electric Repair Services May be Part of Your AC Repairs

April 30th, 2018

electrical-wiring-repairsWith spring officially here and summer on the way, now is the time to make repairs on your air conditioning system. Right now, we’re not using our systems very often, but soon enough, you’ll be using it every day. When that day comes, you want to make sure that any repairs your system may need are taken care of, and your air conditioner functions as normal. Now is the time to check for anything unusual in the way your system operates.

That can often involve trouble with the air conditioner’s electrical system: charged with running the fan motor and other key elements. Any licensed air conditioning technician should possess electrical skills as part of their repartee, and don’t be surprised if the trouble your system is experiencing has some faulty circuit or failing wire at its core.

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Indoor Lighting Benefits from an Electrical Professional

April 16th, 2018

comfortable-home-familyIndoor lights rank among the simplest elements in your home. You simply plug them in to an existing electrical outlet and turn them on: either directly or through the use of a formal light switch attached to the outlet in question. It couldn’t be simpler, and yet it represents just a small fraction of the potential utility of your home’s lighting. An electrical professional, with the right set of skills and experience, can improve your indoor lighting situation and make your home a better place to be as a result. How? Here are a few options for you to consider.

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Electrical Repair Is a Key Component in HVAC Services

April 2nd, 2018

rewiring-electrical-systemsWith the coming of spring comes spring cleaning for most homeowners, and now makes an excellent time of the year to schedule repair services. If your HVAC system was causing trouble – either this winter with your heating or last summer with your air conditioning – then a repair session is very important to schedule. It ensures that your AC unit will be ready to go when the first warm day hits, while promptly addressing any problems with your furnace or heating system over the winter.

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Get Rid of Unseemly Wires with Electrical Services

March 19th, 2018

electrical-wiring-problemsYour home’s electrical system is perhaps its most important component, since it powers every device you have. That includes things like our computers and internet routers — keeping us connected to the world — as well as refrigerators, hot water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers, and lights.  That’s a lot of electrical appliances, which means an equally large amount of electrical wiring, running through your home in every conceivable manner. Those wires can often be placed out in the open: running along walls or the like in order to connect the appliance with your electrical grid. Exposed wires or those running outside of your walls can cause a number of problems, and usually, need to be dealt with by a professional electrician.

There are a number of good reasons for that, as well as a number of ways a good electrician can help out with this common and very frustrating problem. Read on to hear more.

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Heating and Air Conditioning Services Require Electrical Skills

March 5th, 2018

electrical-wiring-repairsMost of us use traditional centralized air conditioning and heating systems in our homes, which heat or cool the air in a specific location, then blow it through the home through a series of ducts. It’s an effective and relatively easy way to keep your home comfortable. As you may have imagined, it also requires electricity to run, which is where most of the monthly costs become involved. (Though gas-fed furnaces also include natural gas in their costs.) That’s one of the reasons why your air conditioning and heating technician is also skilled in electrical work. Here are a few facts to emphasize the importance of good electrical skills for HVAC services.

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Get Your Backup Generator Serviced

February 19th, 2018

generator-servicing-sessionHere on the East Coast, inclement weather can come any time of year, whether it’s a blizzard in the winter or a deluge of rain in the summer. And while civic electrical lines are as reliable as they come, Mother Nature still has the final word on whether the electrical power stays on or not. The power can go out very suddenly – even when there isn’t a crisis – and when it does, you don’t have a lot of time to act in order to get it fixed. It can turn an already tough situation into an untenable one.

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Do You Need Emergency Heater Repair Service?

February 5th, 2018

heating-system-maintenanceWinters are cold and snowy, and this year is no exception. When the temperatures start to drop, you need your heating system to function as expected no matter what. And if that doesn’t happen, it becomes more than a matter of comfort. A malfunctioning furnace can turn your home into an icebox in a matter of hours. That poses a health risk to any home, but especially homes with at-risk family members such as infants and the elderly.

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