What Are My Choices for Carbon Monoxide Detectors?

April 20th, 2015

Carbon monoxide (CO) is one of the most dangerous gases around because it is undetectable to the human senses. This is why it is so important to have a CO detector in your home. Carbon monoxide can come from a number of home systems and appliances, including wood burning fireplaces and stoves, clothes dryers, combustion heating systems and combustion water heaters. The best, and only, guaranteed way to detect if you have unhealthy CO levels in your New City, NY, home is to use a carbon monoxide detector, and these are the main types available to homeowners: Continue Reading

Why Consider Solar Panels for My Home?

April 13th, 2015

Did you know that between May and September, our area gets approximately 14 hours of daylight every day? What if you could turn that daylight into power for your home with minimal effort on your part? You can, with solar panel installation from Design Air Inc. We can help you design a solar energy system that can be off-grid, grid connected or a hybrid system. It’s important to work with professionals who specialize in solar energy so that you can be assured of having a properly installed system, so call on our experts. We have years of experience installing, repairing, replacing and maintaining PV systems, and all of our work is 100% guaranteed. Continue Reading

Which Fuel Type Should I Use for My Whole Home Generator?

April 6th, 2015

Whole home generators can get your household through a power outage virtually unscathed, but they need one thing to do so: fuel. There are three main types of fuel used to power whole home generators:

  • Natural gas
  • Liquid propane (LP)
  • Diesel

Which type is best for you? Let’s take a look.

Natural Gas

Natural gas is the most convenient of the three fuel types because your whole home generator can be connected directly to the main gas line coming into your home. This means there’s no need to monitor the fuel level on your part, arrange for delivery, or fuel the generator yourself. Most whole home generators come equipped with an automatic switching mechanism that directs the generator to automatically power your home as soon as power from the utility company is interrupted, so choosing natural gas for fuel can provide you with a very easy system to manage. However, not all home have access to natural gas.


LP, or liquid propane, is distributed via a propane tank, so if you choose to use LP to power your generator, you’ll need to have a propane tank and a company that can make fuel deliveries. Your whole home generator will connect directly to the LP tank, so you won’t have to worry about adding fuel yourself, but you will have to monitor the tank to ensure you have enough fuel to power your generator. LP has a long shelf life, enabling it to be stored for a long time, and will burn almost as cleanly as natural gas.


Whole home generators that use diesel fuel for power have a large, protected storage tank underneath them for storing the fuel. With this type of fuel, you will have to monitor the system and re-fuel yourself.

Working with an expert in regard to your home’s generator installation is the best way to ensure that you install a generator that fits the needs of your home should a power outage occur. Need help making decisions about your new whole home generator? Call the experts at Design Air Inc., today and schedule an appointment for your home in New City, NY.

How Air Conditioning Maintenance Saves You Money

April 3rd, 2015

Opening your energy bills each month is never much fun, particularly in the summer months. In the summer, your air conditioning unit gets a lot of use, but it requires a lot of energy to use. In many cases, homeowners spend about half of their energy bill on cooling costs. But when you schedule regular air conditioning maintenance with a professional technician, you can reduce your monthly costs and your repair and maintenance costs over time.

The Steps of Maintenance

The tasks completed during a professional maintenance visit can greatly improve the state of your system overall. That’s because an annual cleaning and adjustment of your system keeps every part of your unit in top shape, and everything runs more smoothly when the parts are in the best condition possible. Here’s why maintenance is so important.

  • Cleaning – When the parts of your system are too dirty, heat exchange becomes limited, and your system simply cannot run as efficiently as it is designed to. The outdoor coils, for example, are prone to collecting dust, but these must be clean in order to effectively allow heat to dissipate. When these are clean, the refrigeration process can operate as per usual, requiring less energy to do so.
  • Adjustment – Over the span of a year, the parts may move out of place or become loose or bent. A professional knows exactly what to look for when determining what needs adjustment so that the parts can run exactly as expected. This reduces the chances that you’ll need to make repairs throughout the summer months.
  • Inspection – After an inspection, a technician will inform you of whether there is anything wrong with your unit, so that you can schedule repairs now. While major repairs will cost extra, it’s worth it to make repairs now so that you don’t have to deal with a costlier breakdown later on.

Call on the help of the air conditioning experts at Design Air Inc for air conditioning maintenance in Suffern, NY. Our years of experience and training help us to spot problems quickly and make the proper adjustments, and our annual maintenance program can keep your unit running properly for years to come.

How Does a Whole House Generator Work?

March 25th, 2015

What do you risk losing when the power goes out in your home? You’ll have to go without your heating and air conditioning system, which is problematic in the dead of winter, and particularly troublesome for people in the home with medical conditions. You may lose hundreds of dollars’ worth of food from your refrigerator. And your family’s safety is compromised without any lights, as is the integrity of your home if you rely on a sump pump to prevent flooding. All of these items of course need electricity to run, but they’ll be up and running again in no time if you have a new whole-house generator installed in the home.

For whole house generator installation in Stony Point and all of the surrounding areas, put your trust in the electrical expertise of Design Air Inc.

How It Works

While smaller portable generators are powered manually, a whole-house generator is always on standby, switching over to natural gas or propane very soon after the power shuts off. This is possible because the generator is actually hardwired into your electrical system. An automatic transfer switch senses when there is no electrical current running through your system, and switches over to generator power. This generates power using natural gas or propane if natural gas installation is not possible in your home. Whenever electricity is restored to your home, it transfers power over again, so you won’t have to do anything manually.

A Job for Professionals Only

Installing a generator is not a job for an amateur. Firstly, these systems are quite large, heavy, and complicated. The larger engine and alternator portion goes outside, while the automatic transfer switch is in, connecting to your breaker panel or fuse box. Wiring this unit requires thorough electrical knowledge, and working with gas is never a good idea if you don’t have the proper training and certifications. A generator is a big investment, so always allow a professional to take care of any service or installation. Call Design Air Inc to get your new generator in Stony Point or to schedule repairs and maintenance to keep your unit in top shape.

Design Air Inc Is a Proud Lennox Premier Dealer

March 19th, 2015

At Design Air Inc, our technicians are proud of the work they do. We strive to complete any job to our customer’s satisfaction and to exceed expectations with every service call. That’s why we put our technicians through rigorous training in order to make sure you get the best service possible. And one of the training certifications that we are proudest of is our status as a Lennox Premier Dealer.

To get in touch with a Lennox Premier Dealer in the New City, NY area, contact the friendly professionals at Design Air Inc, who are trained specifically on the Lennox system that will best suit your needs.

Why Choose Lennox Premier Dealers for HVAC Service

Lennox is a highly respected name in heating, air conditioning, and indoor air quality products. In fact, Lennox is an industry leader in many of the products they manufacture. Lennox products are widely recognized as being at the top of their class. And there are a wide range of heating, cooling, and indoor air quality products from which you can choose. Lennox offers many ENERGY STAR certified furnaces and air conditioners, some of the most efficient available for air conditioning and heating today so you can reduce costs and still get the performance you need. Lennox also manufactures quality indoor air quality systems which can eliminate a majority of the particles from the air that pass through the ducts.

Lennox Premier Dealers receive extensive training on the installation and service of Lennox products. Technicians are given access to comprehensive training materials which are continuously updated. We make sure our technicians have all of the latest information so that they can complete any service according to the latest industry standards and to the high expectations of the Lennox brand. With training centers around the country and material that focuses on the precise technical aspects of service as well as meeting customer service needs, you can trust that our technicians will treat your home with respect and provide the highest quality service possible.

Design Air Inc is a certified Lennox Premier Dealer for New City, NY and the surrounding areas. We continuously meet Lennox’s high standards of quality workmanship and customer service, so you can trust in our team for any HVAC service or repair. Give us a call today!

Problems Revealed During a Home Energy Audit

March 11th, 2015

How much are you spending each month for heating and air conditioning? For many homeowners, the HVAC equipment—especially the air conditioner—uses a lot of energy to run. In fact, in most cases, a home air conditioning system uses far more energy than it needs to because the conditions in your home do not allow it to run efficiently.

A home energy audit can help to significantly reduce the amount of energy you use each month. After an energy audit, technicians will recommend services that can improve the air quality in your home and the efficiency of your air conditioning and heating equipment. Call Design Air Inc for a home energy audit in Pomona today and prepare your air conditioning equipment for the warmer weather ahead. The following issues may be detected during an energy audit.

  • Air Leaks: A blower door test can help a technician to determine whether there are areas of the home through which air is escaping. This test uses a large fan and air pressure testing equipment to determine where air pressure levels are too low and wear weatherization or sealing would be most valuable.
  • Duct Leaks: If air leaks through the ductwork in your home, it moves into unoccupied spaces like an attic or crawlspace. This means that not all of the air your HVAC system creates reaches the rooms of your home, which means it takes longer to run and uses a lot of energy in the process.
  • Poor Indoor Air Quality: The filter in your HVAC system may not remove some of the largest and most problematic particles that could be in your air. Technicians may recommend that you install a new indoor air quality system after an energy audit.
  • High Humidity: High humidity levels in the home make people feel warmer than they are, so you may crank up your AC if you have humidity problems in your home, which can become a major energy drain.
  • Inefficient HVAC Equipment: Finally, a technician will let you know if it’s a good idea to upgrade your HVAC equipment, make repairs, or install a new thermostat for greater efficiency.

Call Design Air Inc today to schedule an energy audit for your home in Pomona, NY. Some homeowners end up saving hundreds of dollars each year after scheduling the necessary services.

Why Choose a Hydronic Heating System

March 4th, 2015

Looking for a new whole-home heating system? You may want to consider that there are many different options for home heating today. While the majority of home heating systems send warm air through a set of ducts, hydronic heating systems contain a hot water heating system that delivers warmth to the people and the objects in the room. If you crave more comfort and efficiency from your heating system, a new radiant heating system, also known as a hydronic heating system, may be right for you.

Forced air heating systems rely on convection to heat up a room. Heat transfers to the air which then blows into a room via the ducts. Unfortunately, air is not the best conductor of heat. Heat inevitably rises to the top of the room and dissipates quickly. It’s difficult for air to distribute evenly throughout the room, which may lead to hot and cold spots in the house.

A hydronic heating system, on the other hand, relies on conduction (and convection, to a lesser degree) for heat transfer. Liquid is a good conductor of heat, so heat first transfers to water at the boiler unit, which then moves either to an underfloor piping system or to an endpoint like a radiator or baseboard heater. This heat then transfers directly to the objects in a room, keeping the whole room warmer for longer.

Boilers have fewer moving parts than other heaters, which means they may have a longer lifespan and require fewer repairs. Boilers are highly efficient when properly serviced. But you should keep in mind that boiler installation is a long and involved process. Unless there are already pipes in place in your home, you’re going to need to set aside quite a bit of time for the process, and sometimes renovations are necessary as well.

Calling on the friendly professionals at Design Air Inc can help you to find the right heating system for your home in Suffern. Whether it’s a hydronic heating system, furnace, or heat pump, we can make sure your new unit is as efficient as possible and that it runs into fewer problems over time. Call our team today.

The Benefits of an Electric Fireplace

February 25th, 2015

Who doesn’t love a wood-burning fireplace? The smell of the wood smoke, the pleasant crackling sounds as the log burns, everything about a wood burning fireplace gives rise to feelings of safety, warmth, and happiness. As lovely as wood-burning fireplaces are, however, they do have their own set of problems. Storage can be an issue, as most people don’t have the space to stack a lot of firewood. You need to have your chimney cleaned out on a pretty regular basis, as wood fireplaces put out a lot of creosote that can block air flow and cause a fire hazard. Fortunately, there’s hope for those who want to have a fireplace but don’t want to deal with wood fireplace maintenance. Let’s explore the benefits of an electric fireplace.


Electric fireplaces don’t burn fuel to create heat. Instead, they run an electric current through a metal coil to give off heat. This produces heat without any of the combustion byproducts that wood burning fireplace owners have to deal with. With electric fireplaces there’s no ash, no creosote, and no need for a chimney. Low maintenance is one of the biggest advantages to owning an electric fireplace.


Wood-burning fireplaces can actually be quite dangerous, if not treated properly. If the chimney is not professionally inspected and cleaned at least once a year, it can become so caked in creosote that it cracks, increasing the chance of a chimney fire. The flue can become damaged, causing it to stick shut and fill the house with smoke.

Electric fireplaces don’t need to worry about the safety issues that wood-burning fireplaces do. The lack of combustion byproducts not only makes electric fireplaces low maintenance, as mentioned above, but safer, as well.

Cost Savings

Though electricity is not normally the most efficient fuel type for heaters, electric fireplaces are a very economical way to heat a room compared to other fireplaces. They can be turned on and off at will, as opposed to wood-burning fireplaces that waste wood if put out too early. They’re usually portable, which means they can be placed right next to you instead of having to warm the entire room. Their more versatile nature makes electric furnaces more cost-effective than wood fireplaces in many ways.

If you’re interested in installing an electric fireplace, call Design Air Inc. We provide quality fireplaces and services in the New City.

Signs That Your Generator Is in Need of Repair

February 16th, 2015

Whole-house generators save homeowners hundreds of dollars each year, as the cost of a power outage could be quite high. Think about all of the food you’d throw away if your refrigerator was out of commission for several hours. Consider the potential hotel bills as well, not to mention what could happen if a pipe were to burst and your sump pump wasn’t running to prevent a flood. Long ago, only hospitals and large industrial settings had generators as a source of backup power, but today generators are available for use in homes of all sizes.

Generators run on natural gas or propane, and they’re built tough to withstand a lot of usage. However, it’s always possible that a generator can develop problems as time goes on. With regular maintenance from a trained electrician, repair needs should be few and far between. However, you should look out for the following signs that your generator is struggling.

  • Visual Damage on the Outside of the Unit – One of the easiest ways to know to call for generator repair is if you notice any visual signs such as dents and cracks, frayed wires, or any other obvious glitches. Check out your system from time to time, especially after any bouts of severe weather. Call a technician, no matter how small the outward damage may appear, as the damage on the inside could be serious.
  • Trouble Starting Up – Another way to tell that your generator is in trouble is if it doesn’t seem to be starting up as quickly as it once did or if it’s struggling to run. Once a generator has been around for a while, standard wear and tear on the engine or the battery should be expected.
  • Weekly Self-Test Alert – Many modern generators actually perform weekly self-tests that alert you to any trouble. If yours does not carry this feature, you may want to read the manufacturer’s guide to find out how to run a system test on your own or ask your technician for advice.

When you call the professionals at Design Air Inc to inspect your generator in Nanuet, you can rest easy knowing about the state of your generator and seeking repairs sooner rather than later. Call us today!